I think one of the reasons the Harry Potter Epilogue was so poorly received was because the audience was primarily made up of the Millennial generation.

We’ve walked with Harry, Ron and Hermione, through a world that we thought was great but…

Will you, Severus Snape, watch over Draco Malfoy as he attempts to fulfill the Dark Lords wishes?

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Forbidden Friendship

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Mai + quotes

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Ok so when i went to this church retreat thing this guy was telling us a story about his friend who was sitting on a plane next to Eminem the rapper but she had no clue that it was him ok. So he like looked at her and was like ” you arent going to ask for an autograph or anything??” and she was like “what?” He was all like “im eminem!” and literally she had the most confused look her face bc she had no idea  who he was and her response was, “and I’m skittles?”

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What work? Why won’t you ever tell us? You’d never believe me.

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Voldemort is my past, present, and future.

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Doctor Who meme | seven outfits [7/7]

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pie eating contest?

nah son free pie

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Just because someone stumbles and loses their path,
 doesn't mean they can't be saved.

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"Men may be stronger, but it is women who endure.”

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